Tragedy in Las Vegas

I hold no illusions of grandeur, that people actually read this blog to find news or that there are legions of readers out there beside themselves just itching to know what I think about a particular topic. I mostly write this blog for myself: one to practice writing and two to perhaps one day look back myself and see what I had to say about topics X, Y, or Z.

With that in mind, it would be foolish to have a blog and say nothing about the recent events in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have nothing, really, to add to the dialogue other than what any normal person would think: just an unthinkable tragedy you’re glad you had no part in. I realize that hundreds of people were affected by this horror, and of course one feels awful just thinking about those situations.

About the only constructive thing I can say about the event is that, well, it’s not changing how I feel about large-scale live music events and it’s certainly not changing how I feel about Las Vegas.

Still going to concerts, still going to Vegas.

That’s it.

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