Baseball playoffs bring it

The first few days of the Major League Baseball playoffs have been intense to say the least. The two wild card games themselves, honestly, were two of the best postseason games you’ll see, right up there with last year’s World Series for the ages. That makes at least nine straight awesome postseason games for MLB, as I count every one of last year’s World Series games as epic.

After seeing starting pitchers knocked around for 48 hours we were finally treating to a commanding performance from one of the game’s aces; why did it have to be against my team? No matter. We hear often how short a five-game series is, especially in baseball, but the fact is it’s five games, not one.

And speaking of several games, today is that awesome day on the baseball calendar in which four playoff games occur, baseball’s answer to the first real day of the NCAA Tournament. I’m leaving work about 2:45 today, cheating me out of about 40 minutes of gametime from the 12 hours or so of baseball set to go tomorrow. Yeah, I feel a little cheated but I suppose that’s what DVRs are for.

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