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Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of visiting Hagerstown, Maryland, home of the Hagerstown Suns. The Suns are the single-A affiliate of my hometown Washington Nationals, and play in one of the best minor league parks around.

Is it big? Nope.

Is it modern? Nope.

Is it filled with gadgets and high-techery? Nope.

Municipal Stadium was built in 1930, and is a cool place to visit precisely because it does not contain any of those aforementioned qualities. They also have little between-inning silliness I’ve described elsewhere as totally useless. Oh, there was a moonbounce but my son really enjoyed that.

The concession stand menu?

Hot dog, hamburger, ice cream, peanuts, and something called “beer.” Yeah, no vegan fried kale sushi for 27 dollars or whatever the major league parks are giving out these days.

Guess how much it was to park?

That’s right. And I could see my car from the grandstand.

Did I sit in the grandstand? Heck no, for 12 bucks I got the Marlins Man seats, right behind home plate. My son and I did move around a bit, as there were 4,000 empty seats. (That’s a slight exaggeration; capacity is 4,600 and official attendance was 638.)

This is what minor league baseball is supposed to be.

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