Life comes full circle

Remember that Werther’s Original commercial from about 30 years ago? Old man remembers getting a Wether’s Original from his grandfather when he was a kid… flash forward a few decades… now I’m the grandpa…

Well, this is kind of like that.

When I was a kid, on the last day of school or last day before a long vacation our teacher would always show an old Disney short called¬†Donald in Mathmagic Land. The Donald in question is Donald Duck, and the film shows his exploits in a marvelous world of numbers and equations. It really is a great introduction into a few real-world topics suitable for kids and grownups alike (aren’t all things Disney?), such as the math involved in billiards and the shapes of nature. Even in middle school and high school we begged the math teacher to show it.

Well, now¬†I’m the math teacher…

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