Christmas ruined?

A close 51 on my list of 50 things to do before Christmas (see Dec. 2) would be “those green and brown cookies from the huge Costco trays of deliciousness.” I’ve never actually bought one of those trays… just been lucky enough to be at a few parties where the hosts knew something about Christmas cookies.

If you’ve ever had one, you’ve had this experience.

Hmm, these look pretty average. I’ll try one to verify that assessment. Okay… chewy… nice… oh… oh… oh my God… I’ve got to sit down… there’s fudgy chocoloatey deliciousness in the middle.

Yeah, and that never gets old.

Fast-forward to 2019.

Costco’s giant holiday tray of cookies? They’ve swapped out two of the delicious ones… including the green and brown ones! Agh! Christmas is ruined!


Well, no. But still.

Seriously, Costco. I can’t even.

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