DeGrom’s stats are almost beyond comprehension

I know, I know, small sample size, but you gotta love this one, from the world of baseball.

New York Mets (and former Binghamton Met) phenom Jacob deGrom’s first four starts this year have yielded an ERA+ of 1227.

(Dramatic pause.)

A little context on what that actually means.

Your average pitcher has an ERA+ of 100. There’s a little more to it that this but let’s go with the following, that an ERA+ of 200 means one is twice as good as the average pitcher, and an ERA+ of 300 means he’s three times as good.

So yeah, deGrom is 12 times as good as the average pitcher so far this year.

(Pause again.)

A little more context…

The highest single-season ERA+ in modern times is Pedro Martinez’s 291 in 2000. Greg Maddux approached 300 a couple times in the ’90s as well. A paltry sum compared to deGrom.

Sandy Koufax in ’66 had a 190.

Bob Gibson in ’68?


So yeah, deGrom’s about five times as good as that.


And he’s hitting .545.

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