Some Nice Things I’ve Missed

In 1974, Frank Sinatra released an album titled Some Nice Things I’ve Missed, a collection of his own takes on songs released by other artists during his brief retirement from 1971-1973. Having myself been “retired” for the last four years I wonder where to start in revealing content for this site. I’ve written a few things over these past years and I will post them eventually, though sadly most of the “current events” articles one would post on a blog are out of date. Principles, though, never expire.

On a personal note, I’ve had a few life changes over the past four years. I got married, moved to Virginia, and bought the house in which I now live. My wife and I also adopted two cats. Those of you with pets know this is a major life change.

I still teach and I still play music, and soon I’ll have some song selections available here. For now you can check out Mike O’Connell Meets the Mike O’Connell Trio on Amazon, Spotify, or most other online music sources.

Life hasn’t been too bad for me these past four years. I’ve missed having a forum to share the good things. But let’s face it, the reason one has a blog is to rant about things he doesn’t like, and that’s the real advantage to maintaining a presence in cyberspace. Check back on Friday for a few notes on political changes over the past four years, some good, some (mostly) bad, and some, well, the same as they’ve always been.


Four years ago I told myself I was giving up blogging because I refused to do anything for free anymore. Well, I still hate to do things for free, but the non-pecuniary benefits of hosting one’s own blog are just too great to resist. I am only human, and a restless human at that.

Welcome to This is actually my third website and the second at this address. The first, of course, was, the electronic counterpart to the print newspaper I began in 2004. In the coming months I plan to upload some of the “greatest hits” of the Vanguard and of the old, but I plan to focus much of the content here on my new projects: musical and otherwise.

Please check back often for new content on the site. Feel free to comment on the posts or contact me with any questions or suggestions. Read, share, and most of all enjoy!