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White House Correspondents’ Dinner

A brief article in Sunday’s Washington Post described the previous evening’s social event of the season, the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Something like “Trump wasn’t there and nothing happened.”

This is called filing your story before the event actually takes place.

Or at least before Twitter has a chance to respond.

In case you haven’t heard, there has been some pointed debate about this event, on Twitter and off, centering mostly around who’s being mean to whom and other acts of elementary school name-calling.

The Post article mentions none of this. It was Twitter and the “new media” that made the event a storm.

So this really is the new media, example number one million that people get their news from their phones and not newspapers. (And the fact that I, who had the paper sitting at my house, didn’t even bother to read it until Monday evening should tell you everything you need to know.)

I’d write a letter to the editor but honestly, who would read the thing?

Thaaaa Yankees win!

This is how playoff series are won

My, my, how fortunes can change…

Was that the Caps and Wizards I saw this weekend, playing like winners well into April? Let this be a sign of things to come.

Yes, this was a good weekend for D.C. sports.

Good thing I went to bed at 10 last night knowing the Nats had a safe lead.

The new phonebooks are here!

Much as folks around here love the Caps, Nats, and Wizards, there are really only two seasons in the D.C. area: football season and waiting for football season. “Waiting” got a little more real yesterday with the release of the Redskins’ schedule for 2018.

Just two primetime games for the ‘Skins this year, both Mondays and neither one at home. Columbus Day in New Orleans (that’s going to be a long wait that day), and December 3 in Philadelphia against the defending Super Bowl champions (wow, that’s weird to say).

Their playing the Eagles on the last day of the season, too, December 30 at FedEx Field.

Let’s hope that game actually means something.

Is this for real?

Third overtime’s the charm for the Caps, Caps, Caps! But is this the real deal?

Or is it like the teasing breath of spring before the coldness of winter returns?

Temperature in Northern Virginia this morning… 35 degrees.

Philly Philly Philly

Never mind my local sports teams and their pathetic playoff woes. The teams to watch right now are in Philadelphia.

While I find it unlikely that the Flyers will beat the Penguins in their first-round matchup, the 76ers have a very real chance of making the NBA Finals. They’re the hottest team in basketball right now, and they’re playing like their looking to complete a Philly triple.

Philly triple?

You remember the Super Bowl, no? Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots.

College basketball? Villanova wins it all. (Villanova University is in Philly, by the way.)

Could the Sixers make for the improbable (and I believe unprecedented) Philly Triple?

If it happens, you heard it here first.

Can we at least get some new excuses?

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is leaving Congress so he can “spend more time with his family.” Oh give me a break. You’ve got a team of speechwriters and this is the best you can come up with? “Spending more time with my family” is the oldest line in the book. It’s more like how one would “retire” from Congress on Saturday Night Live, or perhaps a Mel Brooks movie.

Many years ago the late Joe Sullivan said he wanted to do a study of the real reason every time a politician said he was leaving office to “spend more time with his family.” He and I discussed this in about 2005. I said 100% of the time the real answer is… I thought I was going to lose.

I stand by my answer.

(By the way, this whole exchange is included in the “monologue” track on Live ‘n On Q.)

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to go spend some time with my family.

Sugar to the rescue!

Breaking news this week… cereal companies are returning to their traditional sugary recipes following several years of slumping sales of “healthy” option cereals with “natural” ingredients and all that jazz.

Lucky Charms Frosted Flakes (love writing that) from General Mills and Chocolate Frosted Flakes from Kellogg are among those in this new wave of good taste. That drab-colored Trix unveiled a few years ago? Bye.

Oh, there are still healthy cereals out there. That’s what a free market does. But food makers, please… don’t replace the good stuff with things the government wants us to buy.

This is America, dang it, and we won’t stand for it!