S—- B— weekend

One of the more amusing aspects of the S—- B— each year is the way retailers refer to “the big game” without actually mentioning its copyrighted name.

Most amusing this year has been my local Food Lion, who is offering great specials for those looking to celebrate the playing of said game #LIV.

Let the record show this year’s edition is #LV.

Actually I’d love to see LIV again.

Better yet–let me place a wager on the thing!

Movin’ on up

Big news on the homefront. Well, homes front.

As of yesterday my current home, [REDACTED], has been my place of residence for eight years and 11 days, moving into second place on my all-time list. I moved into my current address on January 17, 2011.

A previous home of mine, [REDACTED] in [REDACTED], was my place of residence for eight years and 10 days, from December 12, 2003, to December 22, 2011.

All-time leader? That would be my childhood home at [REDACTED]. I lived there for 18 years and 343 days.

You might be wondering when my current address breaks that record.

And I already did the math for you.

December 27, 2030.

It’ll be a Friday, so I’ve pretty much got my blog post ready for that day.

The best I ever had

The best seats I ever had to a sporting event were at EagleBank Arena for a George Mason basketball game. Season tickets, actually, and I was in the second row right behind one of the baskets.

Okay, I was a cardboard cutout, but still…

Super Bowl will have (at least) one interesting hook

Not too terribly excited about the Bucs-Chiefs Super Bowl to be honest.

One note, though, and you heard it here first.

We still might witness a Tampa Bay double in 2020.

(See here.)

If the home team (that would be the Tampa Bay Bradys) wins on February 7, that would mean the city of Tampa Bay would hold the Stanley Cup and Super Bowl championships simultaneously. To my count this has occurred exactly one time, in 2009, when the Steelers and Penguins brought home the arguably two most famous trophies in sports.

Bounce here and a bounce there for the Rays and it could have been a Tampa triple, no?

Gotta go back to pre-Super Bowl days to find one of those.

Lions, Tigers, and Red Wings, oh my!

That was Detroit in 1935-36.

Just a few years ago.

It was the best of movies…

There are two greatly-hyped movies on Amazon Prime right now celebrating Black culture in the 1950s and ’60s. One I have mentioned before. That would be Sylvie’s Love, and it is one of the best films I’ve seen, big screen or not, in the past several years.

One Night in Miami? A movie I’ve looked forward to seeing for however many months it’s been since I first heard its premise? One of the worst.

That’s it. Just the worst. A movie about four of my favorite people (Muhammad Ali, Sam Cooke, Jim Brown, and Malcolm X) and it’s terrible? Wow, that almost takes effort. And the less said about it the better. My only question watching was, Is this film more offensive to Black people or to white people? Cliched and stereotypical in the most insulting ways, the “movie” is about as clever as a fart. You’re better off reading the Wikipedia articles about those four men and saving two hours of your life.

Actually, just watch Sylvie’s Love again and pretend some of it’s about boxing.

You’ll thank me later.