This is why December is great

I’ve said this many times before but it’s worth repeating each December. The weeks leading up to Christmas are my favorite days of the year, not just for the obvious reasons. The #1 reason I enjoy this time of year is that for a few weeks everyone acts the way I do. Party on a Tuesday night? No problem. Shopping at midnight? Every store is still open. Pump Christmas music 24 hours a day? Yup. Be in a total rush getting from one fun thing to the next? Yes, yes, and yes.

Make a lot of money, spend a lot of money, and have fun.

This is what Christmas life is all about.

Sacred traditions should remain sacred

The Center for Disease Control has released a new edict this week urging Americans to “Say No To Raw Dough!”

Is nothing sacred anymore?

This is the Nanny State taking it one step too far. Not letting us taste even the tiniest bit of raw cookie dough? At Christmas? Licking the spoon… this is what makes life worth living.

Keep your cellphones and your microwaves; I’m taking cookie dough.

Somebody pinch me

A Redskins comeback win and Season Four of Fuller House available on Netflix? Greatest weekend ever? This truly is a Christmas miracle.

Now Santa, this could be the trifecta… bring back The Wonder Years on Netflix and it’s cookies to the ceiling at Chez O’Connell.

Big 5 contest brings it

Instant classic last night from the Palestra in Philadelphia, with the Quakers of Penn defeating the Wildcats of Villanova, 78-75.

Notable? Yeah, the Wildcats hadn’t lost a Big 5 game in more than six years. Two national championships in that span.

College basketball gets no better than this:playing for city pride. Basketball’s a city game, no? Played in the Cathedral of College Basketball.

Just another Tuesday night in December.

This is why I love Christmastime.

It’s not rocket science…

From Wednesday’s Washington Post: “New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Service Commission voted Tuesday to set a minimum wage for Uber and Lyft drivers, marking the first time a government in the United States has imposed wage rules on ride-hailing companies.”

Concern for the downtrodden this is not.

Government-backed monopolies (is that redundant?) have always supported legal wage increases and price floors in every industry for hundreds of years. Why? Fear of low-wage competition. Competition that, in this case, seems to be doing it cheaper and better than the existing vendors.

This isn’t politics. This is science.

Nevermind the “unruly gig economy,” as described by one “executive director” in the article (apparently no actual economist was available for comment), this is thinly-veiled protectionism. Not of the worker, but of an inefficient industry.

Noting this and stepping away is reason number 5,747 why being a scientist is a million times better than being an activist politician.

Home Alone mystery

Forget the Redskins. They’re toast. The entire DMV has already moved on. So let’s talk about Christmas.

The most burning question on the Internet these days is What did Kevin MacAllister’s dad do for a living that would have him afford that mansion and a trip for nine people to Paris?

Seriously? Have you never seen a John Hughes movie? Everyone is rich, and it’s all a total mystery how anyone affords the way-better-than-what-you’ve-got lifestyle.

Or just chalk it up to the magic of the season.

And don’t question a classic.

‘Skins on Monday Night

Gotta love the parity of the NFL. The good teams aren’t so good and the bad teams aren’t so bad, right? Ditto divisions, and what’s arguably the league’s worst division (the NFC East) now has an interesting playoff race. The Cowboys and Giants this week put pressure on tonight’s participants: the defending champions versus my hometown team. The ‘Skins have generally been disaster in primetime, but the thing is… you never know.

Even the bad teams…