NFL Final Four is set

With a quick look at this weekend’s “final four” of pro football, one thing stands out: the potential of a Ravens-49ers Super Bowl rematch, albeit without the brothers Harbaugh.
Was that three years ago or four years ago?

Oh wait, that was eleven years ago.
No wonder my son didn’t remember it.

I’m good at math, but…

Strictly speaking, a two-hour delay should have one-fourth the value of a full-on snow day.

But no child (or teacher) in America thinks a two-hour delay is anywhere near 25% as good as a snow day. Ten to 15 percent tops.

Yet if you offered me the choice of four two-hour delays in a row or one snow day…

I’d take the four delays.

Figure that one out.

I’ll have to seed it to believe it

A recent press release from McDonald’s trumpets changes in its burgers and buns… beefier, juicier, “better” or some such thing.

Among other changes is a promise of sesame seeds that are “more spread out” on the bun.

Sesame seeds that are more spread out.

Fewer sesame seeds per bun inch.

Well it’s about damn time, isn’t it?

A Sight to See: Caps win by one beautiful goal

If Alex Ovechkin some day falls one short of setting the all-time career record for goals scored I’ll remember yesterday afternoon and still call him the greatest I ever saw.

Midway through the second period the Great Eight had an easy-ish chance at a goal right in front of the net (and right in front of me, who got to see it in person).

But a few feet away was Dylan Strome, to whom Ovi selflessly flipped the puck for a goal even I could have tapped in.

Well, could have tapped in if I’d been on the ice. From my seat I would have had to stretch pretty far.