Time for Spring

This is the last post of February. Thank God. I’ve just about had it with this month of snow and cold. And winter, yeah, I’m ready for winter to be done.

It’d better be, actually, because that giant barrel of hot chocolate mix I bought in October is down to the dregs.

Some people use an hourglass to mark time.

Me? Hot chocolate mix.

2019 Oscars

For the first time in several years I’d actually seen a few of this year’s Academy Award for Best Picture Nominees. I’m either getting old or the Academy is getting loose with how they’re throwing around those nominations. One of the ones I hadn’t seen, actually, was this year’s winner: Green Book. A movie about a guy who drives a car and a guy who plays the piano (my two favorite things in the world) should be right up my alley, no?

Can I play both roles in the remake?

The verdict is in

New McDonald’s donut sticks… excellent.

McDonald’s donut sticks to kick off a snow day… even better.

McDonald’s donut sticks to kick off a snow day that becomes 55 degrees and sunny in the afternoon?

This is the stuff dreams are made of.

They’re here

They’ve arrived. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Donut sticks… today… at McDonald’s.

Yes, McDonald’s, you continue to tantalize me after all these years. New products and taste creations and a promise of diversion and merriment.

And… it’s too snowy to leave the house.

New Lego movie

Perhaps I expected too much from The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part. The first one was good; they set the bar high. Too high, perhaps, for in the sequel… everything’s not quite awesome.

My son loved it. He’s four. I think the reason the movie appeals to young kids is that it sort of looks like a disjointed string of YouTube videos. You know… 21st-century entertainment.

One thing I will say about the movie. The music is fantastic. I’m a music snob, and I say the music is fantastic. And really, how bad can the movie be? It does combine two of my favorite things: Legos and movies.

If I could just get cookie dough involved.

Gaming Club

Among the other things I do at my “regular job” (that would be math teacher) I host something at school called Gaming Club.

The above scene (from the original Legend of Zelda) came up the other day.

We discussed the relative merits of buying the blue potion (which gives you one “refill” on health), and the red potion (which gives you two). I found myself asking about the unit price of each and a proportion that could express the difference.

It’s hard to stop being the math teacher.

Little Italy

If you’re looking for a low-investment treat this Valentine’s Day try Donald Petrie’s new comedy, Little Italy. Oh, it’s full of clichés and is totally predictable, but honestly what good romantic comedy isn’t?

Featuring a host of Hollywood almost-stars, Little Italy is a Romeo-and-Juliet tale of star-crossed lovers whose fathers own rival pizzerias in… where else?… Little Italy. (The city in question is Toronto but don’t let that discourage you.) On Rotten Tomatoes the film holds a critics approval rating of 21%; general audiences give it a rating of 71%. This is everything you need to know. Nobody’s trying to win an Oscar on this one; they’re just trying to give you an enjoyable film to watch.

One note: “Juliet’s” dad in the film is played by comedian Adam Ferrara. I got to meet Adam at the end of 2017 when he had completed work on the film, and I’ve been anxiously awaiting its release ever since. Recently I had gotten to the point that I figured someone lost the tape or something, but then, lo and behold, there it was for free on Amazon Prime. (Well, not exactly free, but you get the idea.) The next time I talk to Adam I’m finding out who kept this one under wraps so long, and why it didn’t get a major Hollywood release.

Well, I guess it’s not exactly Hollywood.

Just Little Italy.

Washington weather

Every time I see a “Snow in Washington” report I get all excited like we’re getting some kind of major happening here. (Someone alert Jim Cantore.) Then I realize it’s Washington state, and realize that Cantore’s headed there, not here. And then I see the pictures and reason that it’s probably not such a bad thing that we’re missing the snow being dumped on Washington state right now.

It’s a lot more fun to watch it on TV.

Narrated by Jim Cantore.

Celebrity birthdays

Making fun of Virginia politics these days is like shooting fish in a barrel, so I’ll skip to this bit of info…

I discovered last night that singer Tom Jones and I share a birthday. (That would be June 7.) I guess with thousands of celebrities out there and only 365 calendar days you’re bound to find coincidences like that.

In other words…

it’s not unusual.

Finally joining this decade

As of two days ago I was one of the last people on Earth who subscribed to this thing called “cable.” You know… TV. Like with the channels and the remote and the tuning in at certain times.

I told myself that if watching the Super Bowl were easy to do without “TV” I really didn’t need it anymore. (Live sports were the last refuge of cable.)

My four-year-old figured out how to stream the game.

And then he asked, “Daddy, what’s TV?”

Time to move into this decade.