On the Rocks

I’ve been waiting for probably a year to see On the Rocks. Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, directed by Sofia Coppola… this is gonna be good, right?

Can’t get it at any of my usual streaming locations. Makes me want to see it more. Can’t even buy it on Amazon. Oh, now I’ve really gotta see it.

Clouds lift when I find it available (for free!) on Apple TV+.

I got what I paid for.

And though I love the guy, Bill Murray still hasn’t made a good movie since about 1993.

Cameo appearance in Space Jam excluded.

Actually, no… THIS is the greatest sign of normalcy

You know how for the past year we’ve all been terrified of approaching strangers? Can’t get within six feet of them let alone talk. (I know, it’s had its benefits, amirite?)

The buffer’s slipping away.

I’m walking into Walmart the other day… dude outside comes up and asks me for a cigarette.

Couldn’t even get an insulting remark to my lips before I thought hey, I’m conversing with a stranger! It’s 2019 again!

Yup, it’s the little things.

Talkin’ GOATs

Much has been made recently concerning the great Tom Brady and his potential status as the Greatest of All Time. (Henceforth known as GOAT.)

Brady’s got seven Super Bowls and three MVPs. He’s the greatest football player of all time.

But in all sports?

Consider the following.

Wayne Gretzky finished his career with 2,857 points. That’s 936 ahead of the man who’s number two. (That would be Jaromir Jagr.) For those of you who appreciate the math lessons I try to bring to this blog, Gretzky’s career points total is 48.7% higher than Jagr’s. That is, nearly half again as much.

Doesn’t sound impressive yet?

If Barry Bonds beat Hank Aaron’s career home run record by the same factor he wouldn’t have finished with 762. He’d have finished at 1,123.

Pete Rose wouldn’t have 4,265 hits. He’d have 6,233. Kind of like completing a Hall of Fame career… twice.

If LeBron James wants to take over the NBA’s all-time scoring lead some day he’ll have to score 3,482 more points. To top Kareem Abdul-Jabbar by the Gretzky factor he’ll have to score 18,703 more than that.

That’s eight and a half more years, 82 games a season, at his career pace.

And Tom Brady?

Well, if he plays next year (I have no doubt he will), in a few games he’ll pass Drew Brees on the all-time NFL passing yardage list.

All he’s got to do then is pass for 39,154 more.

The new sports mecca

Lost in the shuffle of Super Bowl discussion was the very real fulfillment of the “Tampa Bay double,” referenced several times in various incarnations on this site.

The city of Tampa holds the two coveted trophies in sports right now: Super Bowl and Stanley Cup.

The Los Angeles double? Baseball and basketball? That was so October.

And to think it was nearly a triple, courtesy of the Tampa Bay Rays.


Tampa Bay?!