Last day of school!

‘Round these parts (that would be Loudoun County, Virginia) today is the last day of school.

And in classic teacher fashion… I’m giving a test.

Yup, break out the #2 pencils today when you tune in to Math and Musings.

My son wasn’t exactly thrilled when I pitched him the idea, but I think the episode came out pretty good.


Wendy’s back at it again

“Oreoification” may soon be referred to as Frostyification of America.

After decades of having exactly one flavor of Frosty to offer its customers, Wendy’s now has seven. (See my notes on its progression here.)

We truly are living in a Brave New World.

The seventh jewel in the crown is “Triple Berry,” out this week at Wendy’s locations across America.

And much as I laugh at this whole enterprise…

yeah, I’ll be having one this afternoon.

Reliving childhood yet again

I usually rely on my child or VHS tapes to help relive my youth, but these days that duty has fallen upon a couple of athletic teams competing for championships in their respective sports.

When I was a kid the best team in the NBA was the Boston Celtics, and the best team in the NHL was the Edmonton Oilers.

Here we are 40 years later and history is repeating itself, once again letting me relive my aforementioned childhood.

Celtics did their job last night, moving up two games to none in their series against the Mavs.

The Oilers have their work cut out for them, but that work can become much easier with a win tonight in Miami.

Come on, Edmonton, we can’t let an ice hockey team based in Florida win the Stanley Cup.

(Fifth year in a row, by the way, that a team from Florida has appeared in the Finals while a team from Canada hasn’t one since 1993.)

The Oilers? Ils sont dus.

We’re getting closer

Any guesses on the twin anniversaries Friday?

Hint: Like young Bartholemew on an ancient episode of The Simpsons, I spend much of the month of June cashing in as many birthday coupons for free stuff as I possibly can.

Many things in this world we don’t really need…

until you get a coupon for a free one.

This is like uncovering more digits of pi

Proof again that you’re never really done learning in this world, baseball historians have now given me a bunch of new stats to memorize, what with the addition of Negro League numbers into the MLB record books.

Regardless of whether this is right or wrong, fair or unfair, or what have you…
I do like a challenge.

Maverick Magic

M-A-V-S, Mavs, Mavs, Mavs!

Following a little late-game magic last night my new favorite NBA team (that would be the Dallas Mavericks) are on the cusp of holding up their end of the Dallas Double.

Will Stars shine bright in Edmonton tonight for their buildingmates?

It’s probably a crime to celebrate Memorial Day watching hockey from Canada, but hey, they’re allies too, eh?

Big weekend here

Between Grandma McFlurries, Paper Mario, the new Garfield movie, and Memorial Day festivities, this is bound to be a big weekend.

On today’s episode of Math and Musings my son and I discuss some of those things, and then a few random other topics.

You’ll have to tune in to find out which is which.