Glad I waited until I could get it from Netflix

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is a secret to me no more, having now seen the 2013 remake starring Ben Stiller.


The highpoint for me was seeing Sean Penn’s character (coincidentally named Sean), the high-living, world-traveling badass photographer. Sean’s last name? O’Connell. In other words, if you were going to change your last name to something great… well, you get the idea.


A slight diversion on something I find incredible

With last night’s victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, Toronto’s Mark Buehrle improved his record to 9-1 on the season. I started looking more closely at Buehrle’s career stats and have concluded he may indeed be the pitcher of the century thus far.

Never mind his record this year, it’s his consistency over 15 years that merits consideration. First off, never a losing record in those 15 years (as far as I know, only a certain Mr. Pettitte can make this claim over an entire career). Second, 13 straight years of 200+ innings since becoming a full-time starter. Unheard of in the modern era. More unheard of? Not one minor league appearance since 2000. I cannot find any other pitcher or position player close to that. I’m contacting The Baseball Project to write a song about him. He deserves it.

American holidays

As goes my usual custom, I’m spending this Memorial Day in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, with real Americans celebrating a real American holiday. Small towns, real people, and respect. That’s Memorial Day.

Tea Party dealt fatal blow!

Mainstream media’s been lookin’ to write this one for years.

And every so often they do, warranted or not.

Gotta love how these guys suddenly become fans of establishment Republicans when it becomes convenient for them to do so. More proof that the opposing factions in this country are not left and right, Democrat and Republican, not liberal and conservative, but those who are enamored of our establishment, two-party oligarchy and those who promote freedom, limited government, and American ideals. Too bad the vast majority of those in the media are on the wrong side of this one. And nearly everyone currently holding office.

Together at last

The music of Frank Sinatra finally made it to Mad Men last night. Of course true Sinatraphiles hate the song “My Way” and true Mad Men aficionados hate this season… but nobody’s perfect.

Haven’t we seen this before?


Such controversy abounds regarding the First Lady and others, of whether a Twitter hashtag “is enough” to aid in the effort of bringing home the kidnapped girls of Nigeria.

Please, Seinfeld did this bit 19 years ago. Anyone remember Kramer at the AIDS walk?

Lewinsky back in the news

Clever? Calculating? A willing pawn of the Clintons? An agent of the vast right-wing conspiracy?

What do I think of Monica Lewinsky in 2014?

I’m reminded of the words of my good friend, Howard Roark…

don’t think of her.

Case closed.