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I’ve been playing the piano since I was two years old. Seriously. Little kid classical music stuff. But some time between age two and age ten or so my mother gave up on the idea that I would one day be a concert pianist and just let me play the kind of music I liked. When I was in middle school I started playing piano in the school’s “Stage Band” and developed a great appreciation for jazz. I learned to love rock ‘n roll later, and funk and pop and R&B. Now I’ll play or listen to just about anything.

My most recent CD is called I paid for this Christmas party!, a live album of holiday favorites.

Check out this site for further information on my recording projects, CD sales, songwriting, and live performances. I’m always doing something new, so check back often. You may contact me about bookings or other musical projects as well.

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  1. A couple years ago, I came across Jazz Impressions of a boy named Franklin on Amazon Music. You share the name of a absurd comedian I was enjoying at the time. On a whim I clicked on your album and was realy digging it after hearing First Meeting. I have been listening to it ever since. Just wanted to let you know the fortuitous way I came across your album. Cheers.

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