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  1. Michael,

    Oh My! Your mom gave me a couple of your CD’s to listen to…I’ve listened to the 1st CD of a 2 CD concert. I cannot believe I have a cousin with such talent. I’m shaking my head actually. If you are playing piano and singing at the same time, that is amazing my friend! We were in New York the last several days and spent time with the family. So glad we did! Your mom threw a party for us at a cousins house on Saturday that will forever be in our hearts. Mike…keep up the great work!

  2. Hi Mike, I believe it was your mom who gave all of the graduating seniors (class of 2020) from St.Thomas/St. Patricks in Binghamton, NY a copy of your book “The other side of the coin.” I have really enjoyed reading it. It was very nostalgic and optimistic, a different time wasn’t it? Anyway, I just wanted to reach out and see if you were still writing and playing music, your mom also gave us a CD. The awful thing is we don’t own a CD player anymore! I was also a teacher at BHS the year you graduated, and 2000 was also my last year there. Glad to find your blog on internet. I think I will definitely invest some time with your HULU pick “Palm Spings!” Thanks again for telling your story!

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