Real news from Washington

Like most people in this country my opinions of our presidential candidates have not changed in the past 48-72 hours. I didn’t know that Donald Trump was a boisterous womanizer? This was news? And after watching the moral decay of this nation the past three decades, somehow last Friday we all became Victorian prudes.

At least it made for an entertaining TV show. I mean debate.

Lost in this political struggle over the weekend was real news from Washington: a sweep from its local football and baseball teams, who both prevailed yesterday with hard-fought victories. Oh that our Washington Spirit could have pulled out a win yesterday in the National Women’s Soccer League championship match. Alas, the Spirit fell in heartbreaking fashion, preventing the trifecta for which D.C. sports fans were ready.

Can’t win ’em all, I guess.

Unless you’re the Toronto Blue Jays.

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