Sunday is “D” day

They say defense wins championships.

I’m not sure the defensive unit of my hometown NFL team is quite at championship level, but that’s been the most impressive part of their game the past month as the Burgundy and Gold have rolled out four straight victories. At the risk of getting ahead of myself, I say nothing else on the matter.

One or two words need to be said, however, of last night’s Game Two of the NLCS. Talk about defense. I don’t think I’ve seen an MLB playoff game in primetime finish in under three hours in a decade, and last night’s contest showed that even such a lightning-fast affair can be entertaining. This one was a pitchers’ duel, and yes I punctuated that correctly. Not two opposing pitchers but several were involved in last night’s 1-0 game at Wrigley Field, won by the visitors behind Clayton Kershaw and Kenley Jansen. There were five hits in the game. Total. And it never seemed dull.

The series resumes Tuesday in Los Angeles for a highly-anticipated Game Three.

TV executives are just drooling for this to go seven games.

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