Binghamton again!

Might as well go a full week on Binghamton basketball.

Can you believe the Bearcats had a six-point lead last night on the road against George Mason? A real team in a real conference that plays in a real arena?

Well, in the second half they played like a real team and Binghamton played like Binghamton.

Speaking of Binghamton basketball…

Remember in 2008 the BU player from Serbia? Beat a fellow student in at a bar in downtown Binghamton and they fled back to Serbia with fake travel papers? We never got him back to the U.S. (despite the intervention of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and a host of other politicians) and Serbia let him off with a slap on the wrist?

Okay, yeah, so think about that, then think about our idiot basketball players from UCLA, facing something like eyeball gouging or finger mutilation for theft in China. We get ’em back (thanks, President Trump!) in a matter of days, somehow avoiding an international incident.

I’m still not quite sure what to make of this, and t’ll be interesting to see what their punishment is. (Making them transfer to Binghamton?)

There’s only one guy in the world who wishes it had all been a bigger deal.

I’m looking at you, Al Franken.

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  1. There’s another Binghamton team in town. The Binghamton Bulldogs. They were defeated by Elmira 9 -6 (or maybe 9 – 8 if that basket counted) at Seton High School 11/11. Binghamton stuffs one and the player grabs the rim, bringing down the backboard. No one wanted to play half court, so all you people, go home.

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