Five out of six ain’t bad

Among the Nationals, Yankees, Redskins, and Fighting Irish this weekend I was happy with the result five out of six times. That’s pretty good, although come on, let’s face it, one of those was a shoo-in. (Amazingly it was the previously 0-5 Redskins. Gruden’s gotta be hating the fact he was fired the week before a cupcake opponent.)

The one blemish on my record occurred late last night, as the Houston Astros defeated the Yankees 3-2 in 11 innings and nearly five hours of game time. I did want the Yankees to win, of course, though I’ll admit I’m a bit nervous about this. Certainly I want my hometown team to be in the World Series as well (and seriously… winning two games in St. Louis?… who saw¬†that coming?!). Having the Yankees play the Nats in the World Series would be for me like choosing between Mom and Dad. Or as Frank Sinatra once called it, choosing between steak and ice cream.

Peanut butter or jelly? These are tough choices.

Either way, just keep giving me five hours of great baseball every night and I’ll be happy.

Is that asking too much?

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