They got our hopes up again…

From the I’ll-take-anything-but-a-Covid-story series, there is this…

If you live ’round these parts (that would be the Washington, D.C., metro area) you have no doubt felt a crush of very hot weather recently, and someone telling you we were closing in on a record for most consecutive days over 90 degrees in the nation’s capital. As a matter of fact, as of Wednesday that number stood at 20, one shy of a record set in 1980 and tied in 1988. (Both great years for Republicans and the L.A. Lakers, by the way.)

We all had our hopes up…

And then one day, yesterday, it didn’t hit 90 degrees and we were all very, very sad and confused. Still kinda hot though because it was like 87 or 88 most of the day.

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s cool respite. Forecasted highs the next seven days… 94, 97, 100, 100, 99, 98, 94.

And we’ll be like, remember that day when it wasn’t 90 degrees? Weird.

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