Still gonna talk about sports even when it’s kind of rough

Nats… last place. Capitals… out. Football team? Lost arguably its best player and now looks to a QB on his ninth team. That’s when we stop talking about how much everyone hates the owner and his hostile work environment.

Carrying the D.C. sports banner? The Washington Wizards, who have a sort-of make-or-break game tonight against top-seeded Philadelphia. (I’m sorry but I just don’t see them coming back from down 0-2.)

I was going to look up when the last time the Wizards were still playing after the Caps had bowed out of the playoffs. Unfortunately not too rare. The Wiz haven’t won a playoff series since 2017, but the Caps haven’t either since they won it all in ’18!

It’s okay, guys. Football Team hasn’t won a playoff game since January ’06.

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