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Remember when TV shows followed the school-year schedule? New season starts in the fall and ends in spring?

Yeah, neither do most people.

They probably don’t remember when Curb Your Enthusiasm started either, because it was about a billion years ago.

But more than two decades after premiering on HBO, Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm is still bringing it. And is it me or has it somehow gotten better after all this time? (Maybe I’m just becoming more Larry David-like.) Always benefitting from the fact it was on HBO and not regular cable, Curb is now pushing envelopes not even dreamed of in its early days, let alone those years starting with 19. It’s taken Seinfeld to a new level, has kept up with 21st-century themes, and, mostly importantly, has continued to make fun of things that need to be made fun of.

There are only two shows I watch religiously these days, and they’re both on HBO: Curb Your Enthusiasm and How To with John Wilson. They also have something else in common. With a guest appearance Sunday in Curb‘s Season 11 finale by whistleblower/author Alex Vindman (playing himself), both shows are featuring “actors” from Binghamton University. Yeah, Vindman went to Binghamton, graduating in 1999, just a year and a half before I started. Wilson, as mentioned previously (in an embarrassing admission), didn’t begin his studies until after I’d graduated, but represents Bearcat pride probably better than Vindman or I.

Season Two finale of How To airs Friday.

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