This one was legit

Usually when my local school district cancels school for “snow” I laugh, because there’s usually about three flakes on the ground.

I’m from an inhospitable land where it actually snows, like, a lot, and if there’s six or seven inches of snow out there we put on our snowsuits, hop in our cars, and pay it no mind. Unless it’s taller than the Kindergarteners, there’s school.

(If you’re wondering where I grew up it’s Binghamton, New York. Picture where the North Pole is, then it’s just a little below that.)

Today in Loudoun County, Virginia?

Believe it or not, I’d call today a legitimate snow day. So much for my theory that they’re just canceling school for covid and telling us it’s for “snow.”

I guess that’s always an option for next week.

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