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Tomorrow would be my dad’s 80th birthday. Funny how as you yourself age the number thought of as “old” increases as well. I used to think 80 was ancient; now it’s closer to eh, my dad would only be 80.

As I’ve noted previously we are all in the business of becoming our parents, and I’m pretty much the poster boy for turning into my own father. Same deal: used to think it awful, but now it’s a solid plan.

I’m near a milestone birthday myself, exactly half of the aforementioned number. I’m pretty much on the Mike O’Connell Sr. program, but with one major difference regarding fathers and sons. It occurred to me only recently that the biggest difference between my dad and me is that when he turned 40 his dad was still around, and would be so for another five years. By the time I’m 45 my dad will have been gone for more than two decades.


That’s your math for today. For some musings, head to today’s episode of Math and Musings.

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