Queen makes MAM today

Beautiful thing about having a podcast and a blog is that if you forget to mention something on one you can mention it on the other.

Today’s episode of Math and Musings celebrates the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II. Basically it’s a retelling of last Friday’s post.

But there’s one joke I forgot in both places, so let me amend that now.

There are scant few similarities between Queen Elizabeth and Hugh Hefner, founder and longtime editor of Playboy magazine. Sure, they were both born in 1926 and held their respective jobs wayyy longer than anyone thought they would, but let’s face it, they’re pretty different people.

Or maybe not.

As I mentioned last Friday, both of them lived really well.

Also, one might say each of them reached their advanced age because of a really great incentive to keep on living.


And you know that old line, when a person dies and someone says, “He’s in a better place now”?

No one’s saying that about either of them.

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