Conference tournaments not what they used to be

There was a time when the weekend culminating with Selection Sunday was one of my favorite weekends of the year. I suppose it still is, more though for the anticipation of what’s to come than of the days themselves. With so many conference realignments over the past few college basketball seasons I’ve barely been able to keep track of who’s in exactly what conference. I had barely gotten used to the idea of Louisville being in the Big East and now they’re in the ACC? And what the hell happened to the conference they played in last year?

Last night I did enjoy seeing my hometown Hoyas play in the Big East Tournament. They were 60-55 winners over perennial Big East power Creighton.


Regardless, this March should be a good one, never mind what wrong teams are playing each other this weekend. I guess it’s just a preview of what the real tournament will be. Nice.

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