It always lives up to the hype

I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed by the opening weekend of the NCAA Tournament. From an objective standpoint, it somehow always lives up to the hype, and this year was no different. The performance of our local teams, however, left a bit to be desired, as both Maryland and Georgetown fell as favorites in their Round of 32 match-ups. Local-ish squad Virginia, though, took an even more surprising loss and proved once again to expect the unexpected in this particular tournament.

Kudos to the tournament folks to arrange it so that some close games this year were won by David and some close games were won by Goliath… gotta love how they keep us guessing. And my old friends from North Carolina State, now the tournament darlings, knocking off one-time David (that would be #1 seed Villanova)… good one, Wolfpack!

See ya next weekend, basketball.

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